It sorta kinda happened
The universe and time
Exploding out of nowhere
And everything was fine.

A greenish bluish rock
Sped through space one day
Some creatures started wriggling
And I guess it went ok.

One creature asked another
To work together if they could
Making sticks and stones and barbeque
And things were kinda good.

They told a lot of stories
They learned how to create
Words and wheels and ice cream
And stuff was mostly great.

Of course there were some hiccups
They stumbled and they fell
Then tried a little harder
And it all went rather well.

A million billion days went by
The sun, it ceased to shine
But the creatures kept on living
And everything was fine.



Answer: Yes (sort of)

A headline on The Guardian today caught my eye with an almost comical sounding headline — “Mushrooms communicate with each other using up to 50 ‘words’, scientist claims.

My initial assumption was to write it off as typically bad scientific reporting, but upon investigation it appears that yes, in fact the scientist and research paper in question use the term.

While the use of the term ‘word’ to describe the kind of electrical signals they are detecting is openly admitted to be analogous and even the conclusion of communication “speculative”, it’s hard to fault The Guardian for quoting the paper.

Obviously, a lot more research is required before this becomes anything close to conclusive, but still…cool.



Answer: Unverifiable

Watch the research using Stone — Download the app for free at

Three days ago, on March 3rd, reports started popping up everywhere saying that the Russian government, or Federal Security Service had drawn up plans to conduct public executions as a means to reduce morale in captured cities, during the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

These reports all emanated from a Bloomberg report by Kitty Donaldson who cited an unnamed intelligence official as the source of the claim. However in the intervening time since, it appears that the report has been taken down and is no longer present on Bloomberg's website.

This is not to say categorically that the claim is untrue, but at this stage, particularly given the fact that the publisher of the initial report has chosen to remove it, we must assume that it is, at the very least, unverifiable.